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Auto Maxima Sdn Bhd (popularly known as AutoMax) prides itself as a go-to Electric & Hybrid Vehicle parts and tools supplier. Stemming from its team core belief in alternative fuel sources is the way forward for the auto industry, AutoMax has been actively establishing itself as a reliable sourcing platform for anything EV or Hybrid.

Safety Above ALL

AutoMax represented brands of products are sourced from various reputable and certified manufacturers all over the world to ensure reliability and safety. This is crucial to instill confidence in our customers. In addition, AutoMax products are available at various price points to cater to organisations of various sizes. Be it a new start-up or an existing Manufacturer certified dealer, AutoMax has the right product for you.


Working on the principle of “Safety Above All”, all AutoMax supplied tools are properly certified to meet the industry standard. We operate under the stewardship of certified experts, who possesses excellent knowledge in the auto parts industry, especially in the field of EV and Hybrid.

Our Accreditations

What We Offer

Auto Maxima Sdn Bhd is the Official Distributor of Eintac Range of Certified Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Range of Products.

Vehicle Fire Blankets

A fire in a vehicle, particularly an electric vehicle, can spread quickly spread to other cars parked close by. Any car fire is dangerous and toxic, but in a gas station, road tunnel, car park, passenger ferry or any location where cars are parked close together it can be a disaster.

To solve this, Auto Maxima is proud to offer the most effective solution for dealing with vehicle fires – our new range of Bridgehill Vehicle Fire Blankets.

What We Offer

Auto Maxima Sdn Bhd is now officially the distributor for Whirlpower range of products in Malaysia. 
Whirlpower is a reputed manufacturer of hand tools for the construction, machinery and automotive industry. With 30 years experience in designing and producing quality finished products, the Whirlpower brand name is fast becoming a household name in numerous European, Asian and South American territories.

Contact us for a quote in local currency or to enquire about stock availability!

Building A Community

AutoMax is also a firm believer in building a knowledge-based workforce and as such, AutoMax is actively supporting training institutions including vehicle manufacturers, wherever possible, in their aims to uplift the EV and Hybrid standard in Malaysia.

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